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Extractor Cupboard/ cabinet Type ASOB430 without rinsing basin, with lighting, fan and plug sockets


The protection of people at work today is more important than ever. More and more substances are being found to be hazardous to health. For this reason contact with dangerous process materials should be avoided wherever possible. In the dental field materials are employed which, when used, require that precautions be taken because they are harmful when inhaled or experienced in the form of vapours. These include, for example, acid and galvanisation baths (silver. copper, gold) and ultrasonic solutions. In the case of noisy machines the protection of hearing is another reason for enclosing the source of noise. Our extraction cabinet offers a simple and secure solution for these problems at your company.

Technical Data
Width 1000 mm
Height 1250 mm
Depth 500 mm
Elec. values 230 V/ 50 Hz/ 180 W
Displacement volume 430 m³ / h
Pressure stat. (max) 330 Pa

3 590,- €